The E-TWOW Story

The E-TWOW – Electric Two Wheels (pronounced E 2 W) brand is part of a large international concept, focused on offering a new era in urban mobility, through our ingenious electric vehicles. The E-TWOW electric scooter is a practical solution to everyday life. It was developed by a team of engineers with a solid background in mechanical and electrical engineering.

The first E-TWOW electric scooter was built in 2013. At that time classic and electrical bikes were the only alternative to cars and public transport. However, bikes were inconvenient, being quite heavy and in many big cities bikes were not allowed on the subway.

In 2013, we mass-produced the lightest electric scooter at the time (weighing only 9.8 kg). We were the first to produce an electric scooter with a brushless electric motor inside the front-wheel. Our scooter was also the first electric scooter with electromagnetic brake and KERS (Kinetic Energy Recovery System) which was only used for race cars at that time.

E-TWOW Electric Scooters

The Launch of E-TWOW Australia

In March 2021, we were on the search for a scooter that was easy to carry around without compromising speed, power and range. That’s when we stumbled on the E-TWOW S2 GT 2020 SE which ticked all of those boxes. Unfortunately it wasn’t available in Australia, so we partnered with E-TWOW to become the official distributor in Australia and bring it over here for ourselves and for you.


  • In 2017, the E-TWOW electric portable and foldable vehicle won a gold medal for the best invention at the 45th International Exhibition of Inventions of Geneva.
  • We were the first company in the world to implement a Kinetic Energy Recovery System and an electromagnetic brake for an electric scooter. Before the invention of our scooter, the KERS technology was only used on Formula 1 cars.
  • We were the first company to use a unique communication block that combines the acceleration and the braking system, while also displaying valuable information like ambient temperature, battery percentage, sensor lights and much more.
  • We own the record for the smallest energy consumption for a mass-produced electric vehicle that can carry a 75 kg load – only 6.15 W/h
  • In 2013, we produced the lightest mass-produced electric scooter (weighing only 9.8 kg)
  • We own over 50 patents and inventions related to the E-TWOW electric scooter.

Our values


From the very beginning, the E-TWOW concept was powered by innovation. The scooters integrate the latest technologies in the mechanical and electrical engineering industries. The factory is even equipped with HPRTM technologies. Our high-pressure RTM equipment features personalized patents for mixed structures. We also continuously invest in our R&D Department where we have the best engineers from France, Germany, and Romania.

Building a sustainable future

Our vision of creating a new era in urban mobility goes hand in hand with our desire of building a sustainable future. Nowadays, more and more people choose to replace their cars with electric vehicles, and the electric scooter is one of the most environmentally-friendly solutions for urban transportation. Not only that but since it has zero carbon emissions, our electric scooters can also be used indoors, being ideal for large covered areas such as airports and warehouses.